Jonno’s Place: a new perspective on disabilities.
What does our community and the community at large need? Where and how can these communities coalesce?

By focusing on the strengths of our individuals with disabilities and matching those with the needs in our larger community, individuals with disabilities can become trusted employees and volunteers , with opportunities to have typical friends and peers, enhanced self esteem, and income.  Employers benefit by having increased numbers of well trained reliable employees.

Jonno's Place Board MeetingAll projects begin with a vision, and if one combines believing with action, a dream can become a reality. This is the story of Jonno’s Place, a Camphill-inspired initiative where people of all abilities can come together, fit in, and thrive, in a celebration of life through supportive relationships, meaningful work, and recreation for the mutual benefit of all, while at the same time integrating into the community at large.

Jonno’s Place is a nonprofit in Belfast Maine, created by a group of devoted parents of those with special needs, and passionate members of the local Belfast Maine community.  Jonno’s Place works collaboratively with the local mayor, city and state, organizations, local businesses, schools, universities, and other nonprofits, to collectively bring our vision into reality.




Young FirefighterWe envision a nurturing place of light and joy, compassion and companionship—a place of hope and safety, a place for self-expression, for people of all abilities.

Art Circle 2017



barn-beamsReclaiming and building on the best from the past, tying it together with the best of the present, and in so doing creating the best for the future.

Planning the Barn
Barn Timbers Plan

The Barn Project

Our Vision and Philosophy Converge in The Barn Project

Plans are well under way to reconstruct an 1820s hand-hewn barn which will serve as our Jonno’s Place Community Event Center, Gallery, Café and Work Training site in Belfast, Maine. This space will serve as a community resource, a place for all in the Belfast area and beyond to come together, to share and participate in community events, and the activities of Jonno’s Place.

Donated Barm in Hope, MaineOld Barn InteriorIn spring of 2016 we were fortunate to receive the donation of a 1820s post and beam barn in Hope, Maine.

This venerable time worn barn is a hand-hewn structure with solid beams over 40 feet in length, which had all been held together with wooden pegs. Prior to disassembling the barn, a barn expert carefully labeled each timber and made detailed drawings of the original barn structure. This will enable us to be able to reassemble the barn to its original plan in Belfast Maine.

In June 2016 the barn was disassembled, timber-by-timber, peg-by-peg. The timbers have since been moved to an old chicken house for storage where it is safe and dry, while we continue to work with the City of Belfast’s Planning and Zoning departments on our final plan.

The Barn is on the Move

View a video interview with Linda Lee about the barn project. Produced by Ned Lightner, Belfast Community Media’s Vimeo channel.

The Barn Project


Arts CircleAt Jonno’s Place art  is an integral part of our program. We have a trained  art therapist on our Board who runs the Arts Circle program. We understand the value of art to build social and personal skills and connections and to help everyone live and thrive in an environment that encourages individual growth, self expression, and community connection through the arts.

We held our first Art Circle in the summers of 2016 and 2017 for teens with disabilities, their parents and caregivers  using a range of traditional and nature based art mediums. In October of 2017, in collaboration with Belfast Area High School, we launched our first year-round Arts Circle. Art Therapist Lisa Cohn leads this inclusive after-school program, which is open to ALL students who just want to create art, including those who are home schooled.

Jonno's Place Art Circle


Please join with us as we work together to create a legacy which will continue to care for those with disabilities long after we are gone.

Jonno's Place