James, Junior Firefighter – His Story

James' Story Video

Young FirefighterJames wanted to be a fire fighter. Here’s the story of how he became a member of the Northport, Maine Fire Department’s Junior Firefighter’s Program. It’s a real world example of how Jonno’s Place’s  Camphill-inspired vision of fitting in can work for people of all abilities.

Jame’s story begins with parents attentive to the interests of their son, who is on the autism  spectrum. They recognized James’ desire to become involved  in fire fighting.  They met with Northport Fire Chief Paul Rooney and the rest is James’ Story as told in this video . The video was produced by Ned Lightner for Somewhere in Waldo County as Jonno’s Place update and is available on  Belfast Community Media’s Vimeo channel along with an earlier interview about Jonno’s Place.

James' Story Video
Ned Lightner interviewing Fire Chief  Paul Rooeny in Northport, Maine. Click the image to view the entire video interview and learn James’ story and more on the history and mission of Jonno’s Place.

James Jr. Firefighter


Jonno's Place

HarmonyHARMONY: The bee and the butterfly at Jonno’s Place co-exist harmoniously on the sunflower head… they both happen to be fast asleep even though it is past noon.

Our dream for Jonno’s Place is that all species (including humans) can not only co-exist, but co-thrive harmoniously, as we share life together.
(Notice the color harmony; the yellow fuzz on the bee’s back coordinates with the yellow on the wings of the butterfly, and the gold color on the butterfly wing matches the sunflower petals perfectly).