Snug and Awaiting Reassembly

The barn’s ancient bones await future life as our gallery and craft center, marked for reassembly and stored in donated space in an old chicken barn.

The Barn Goes into StorageJonno’s Place Barn Flintstone-Style Moving Day:

Weekend before last we moved our barn into an old chicken house to keep it dry for the winter, as we continue to plan for its final move to our Jonno’s Place site in Belfast Maine.

Some of these beams are over 40 feet long and very heavy. It was a monumental task, planned and overseen by our volunteer builder Mike. We had a few surprises along the way, including a snake, porcupine poop, a flat tire, a few minor injuries, and a mysterious mold which looked remarkably like molten marshmallow. Our barn is now all safely tucked in for winter. Thank you to everyone who made our move such a success.